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Have you recently watched a Facebook video or joined a group only to see an increase on the frequency and accuracy on the videos or groups they recommend? This is the same artificial intelligence, machine learning and prediction algorithms Facebook can use to reach your ideal customer!

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to reach your ideal audience in your surrounding area. Facebook advertising is great for your budget, conversion rates, and return on investment. We can help.

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Key Service Features

No Contracts

You can rest assured that we won't tie you to any contract, this way you have the freedom to cancel our service at any time if you think it's too expensive or not producing the results you want for your business. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Your Budget

We setup and optimize your Facebook campaign; Objective, audience and ad set. But you decide how much to spend, how long to run your ads for and when to pause or cancel any ongoing campaign! Very affordable and you can control your ads from the convenience of your phone.

Custom Campaigns

If you're familiar with Facebook Ads, you know that "Boosting" your posts seems to be the easiest way of running ads to reach new customers. But how effective is it? Not very, and even your competitors are using this technique! We do things different by using the latest on Facebook technology!

Conversion Tracking

We help you track the success of your Facebook Ad campaign by setting up conversion tracking. Additionally we can setup a leads page on any existing website to convert clicks into potential customers, or even take your customers to any third party CRM software for your convenience.

Social Posting

We are firm believers on the power of organic reach, and we provide you access to our powerful social posting tool, which allows you to post to your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. All at no additional cost to you!

Campaign Adjustments

Your subscription to our service will ensure that your ads are optimized month after month. You can also rest assured that we will make adjustments both on request, and as we see fit. You can consider us your Facebook Ads consultant! We will look out for you and your business!


Flexible, no-contract plans to fit your business needs and budget

$150 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Convertion Tracking Social Posting Access 1 Campaign Objective 1 Custom Audience 1 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment
$250 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Convertion Tracking Social Posting Access 2 Campaign Objective 2 Custom Audience 2 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment
$400 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Convertion Tracking Social Posting Access 3 Campaign Objective 3 Custom Audience 3 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment

The Process

Our comprehensive strategy ensures Facebook Ads optimization over time


Once you've picked a plan that you believe meets your advertising needs, you need to register and get your project started.

Our plans are divided into two separated payments, and there are no contracts to sign and you may cancel at any time. The setup fee is required at the time of signing up, and the subscription is emailed to you and automatically charged on the agreed upon date, which is between 7 and 14 days and no longer.

Facebook Ads

Setup Facebook Ads Account

If you've already "boosted" your posts, then you already have a Facebook Ads Account and we only need to get access to setup payments and give you necessary access to pause or cancel advertising any time.

In the case you have no Facebook Ads Account, we can help you set one up. Facebook Ads Account is required in order to advertised, and there are some requirements you must meet. For example you must connect your credit card for billing.

Facebook Ads

Provide Us with Page Access

You will need a Facebook Business Page in order to run paid ads. If you don't have one, we can help you set one up for you for an additional cost.

In the event you already setup your Facebook Business Page, we will require you to give us access to publish ads on your behalf. There is no need to worry, as we will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Facebook Ads

Settings and App Setup

We will always provide you with a detailed description of any ad setting we may create for you, and we will make any necessary adjustments you believe are necessary. Adjustments include everything from images and text we will use for the ad, as well as what some of the settings are.

We use Facebook machine learning and prediction algorithms to optimize your ads and ensure that you get the best return on investment.

We use Facebook's official Ads Manager app to help you track progress, but more importantly you can rely on the increase on business to track your results!

Facebook Ads

Review and Ad Approval

We want to make sure you're happy with our service, and we will give you up to 2 weeks to review and approve your ads. You get a link that will display your ad on your Facebook feed.

We won't publish any ads without your approval, however there's a limitation as to how long we can wait for it. Unapproved ads will incur additional charges leading up to cancellation of our service. No refunds is provided for work performed.

Facebook Ads

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