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Connect your business with all the right people

Have you recently watched a Facebook video or joined a group only to see an increase on the frequency and accuracy on the videos or groups they recommend? This is the same artificial intelligence, machine learning and prediction algorithms Facebook can use to reach your ideal customer!

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to reach your ideal audience in your surrounding area. Facebook advertising is great for your budget, conversion rates, and return on investment. We can help.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Process


We start by listening to you and finding out what are your business marketing needs. It's the simplest and most important step in the entire process, and our goal is to create the best digital marketing strategy for your business goals. Everyone has different needs!

Who is your target audience? Do you have an existing website? What are your goals & objectives? What are your preferences and your industry? These and many other questions need to be answered if we ought to produce results.

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Once we have a clear understanding of your marketing needs, we'll detail the elements that will make up your digital marketing campaign and present those to you in a simple, easy-to-understand proposal. Our packages are meant to fit your needs and budget.

Our planning includes cost and deadlines, and questions such as; Are you currently running advertising campaigns? Are you aiming at a global or local audience? These questions will help us plan deadlines and estimate costs.

Approve project


Based on the information we got in the previous steps and after considering your business needs and personal preferences, we'll implement your chosen strategy. Throughout this phase, we will be in constant communication with you to ensure you're on board.

We will meet your requirements, cover your digital marketing needs and work around your existing image or the image you want to present to customers. We have experience delivering results.

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Projects or campaigns are rigorously tested and submitted to you for approval before they go live. We have a keen eye for detail and like to have all of our check list items crossed before any project goes live. We also make necessary adjustments as they run.

We work with well known platforms and our systems are reliable and trusted by many businesses, both big and small, so you can rest assured that you will love how easy it is to develop your project.

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Key Service Features

No Contracts

You can rest assured that we won't tie you to any contract. You'll have the freedom to cancel our service at any time you want, whether you think Facebook advertising is not for you, your ads aren't producing the results you want for your business or just because. No questions asked.

Your Budget

We setup and optimize your Facebook campaign - Objective, audience and ad set. But you decide how much to spend, how long to run your ads for and when to pause or cancel any ongoing campaign! Very affordable and you can control your ads from the convenience of your phone.

Custom Campaigns

If you're familiar with Facebook Ads, you may think that "Boosting" your posts is the best way of running ads to reach new customers. But how effective is it? Not very, and your competitors are using this technique! We do things different by using Facebook latest algorithms!

Conversion Tracking

There's no better way to track a successful advertising campaign than to see an increase in revenue, however we also want you to be able to track the success of your Facebook Ad campaign in numbers and statistics by setting up conversion tracking.

Leads Landing Page

There is so much competition out there, and for that reason we give you the option to have a "leads page" setup. Traffic from your ads will be directed there, and any time someone submits the form you'll get a text message and an email with their information.

Campaign Adjustments

Your subscription to our service will ensure that your ads are optimized month after month. You can also rest assured that we will make adjustments both on request, & as we see fit. You can consider us your Facebook Ads consultant! We're here to help!


In order to get started please pick the plan that best fits you. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time! No commitments, no contracts!

$150 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Setup Convertion Tracking Multiple Coverage Areas 1 Campaign Objective 1 Custom Audience 1 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment
$250 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Setup Convertion Tracking Multiple Coverage Areas 2 Campaign Objective 2 Custom Audience 2 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment
$350 Setup Fee Single Location Pixel Installation Lead Page Setup Convertion Tracking Multiple Coverage Areas 3 Campaign Objective 3 Custom Audience 3 Ad Set 1 Monthly Adjustment