Web Design Case Studies

Inkandtonerlocker.com Case Study


CHALLENGE: Inkandtonerlocker already had a website, but they noticed a considerable drop on their search engine rankings and sales. What was the issue? Their website! These were the main reasons:

  • Their website wasn't mobile-friendly
  • Their website had many errors
  • Their website wasn't SEO-friendly

RESULTS: Once these issues were taken care of by completely redesigning their website, organic rankings increased along with their their sales.

GRC General Contractor Case Study

GRC General Contractor

CHALLENGE: GRC General Contractor was unhappy with their website. Their last developer was located outside the US, and as a result they were unhappy with the website overall. The main issues were:

  • The website was "plain"
  • The website had minimal content
  • The website was being hosted in South America

RESULTS: We designed a website to their specifications, host it close to their geographic location and have made many optimizations.

Stewart Designs Case Study

Stewart Design

CHALLENGE: Unhappy with the design and performance of their website, Stewart Design took a drastic measure and took their website offline for a while. Among the main issues were that:

  • The website was slow
  • The CMS was complicated
  • The server was unreliable

RESULTS: We designed a website that solved all their previous issues. We switched CMS platform, used a clutter-free theme, and host it close to their geographic location and optimized it for speed.

Verified Mortgage Case Study

Verified Mortgage

CHALLENGE: Like many other companies we've worked with, Verified Mortgage already had a website developed by a freelancer overseas. However they were unhappy with the results. Main issues were:

  • The UX wasn't up to their specifications
  • The speed wasn't optimal
  • They needed something user-friendly

RESULTS: As of this writing their website isn't yet accessible, however we know they are happy with the design and performance and we look forward to launching it and tracking their success.


SEO Case Studies

Robey Plastic Surgery Case Study

Robey Plastic Surgery

CHALLENGE: "Plastic surgery" is a very competitive keyword, specially in this Indiana suburb. Their website came up on either 10th or 11th place on Google search results. These were the main reasons:

  • It was missing meta tags
  • No quality backlinks
  • Issue with sitemap and submissions

RESULTS: After their commitment to our recommended 90-day SEO campaign, they saw significant change in organic rankings. Although not guaranteed, they will see results for a long time to come.

Lincoln Square Pancake House Case Study

Lincoln Square Pancake House

CHALLENGE: Lincoln Square Pancake House already had a mobile-friendly website and 10 locations, however they were not ranking for top keyword such as "catering" and "breakfast". The main issues were:

  • The website only had 6 pages for all 10 locations!
  • The website wasn't SEO-friendly
  • The website wasn't submitted to search engines

RESULTS: We did aa complete overhaul of the website, and created a "subdirectory" for every single location. We optimized the entire website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from top to bottom.

Workplace Safety & Health Case Study

Workplace Safety & Health

CHALLENGE: Our agency wasn't behind their website design, and although they had many good things going for it (e.g. blog, mobile-friendly website, etc), they weren't happy with rankings. Main issues?

  • Not SEO-friendly
  • No search engine submissions
  • No backlinks

RESULTS: It took a few days to complete their project since they already had many things in place, and after making our optimizations they received the organic ranking boost they wanted.

Sunrise Cafe Case Study

Sunrise Cafe Carmel IN

CHALLENGE: Mom & Pops businesses like this one don't have the budget to invest big on websites and SEO, however they understood the importance of being on Google search results and they weren't.

  • Website was build on flash
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Not SEO-friendly

RESULTS: Sunrise Cafe has been in business for over 20 years, and it didn't take long or much for us to put them on Google's first page. You just gotta know what to look for and how to fix issues.